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May 1

Good News, Everyone!

Well, it’s been about 4 months so it’s time for another post on the SADDEST COMEDY BLOG IN THE WORLD. But things aren’t so sad today! There’s good news afoot!

First and biggestly, I won Funny or Die’s Road 2 Oddball competition [for Washington, DC. Not the whole thing.] This means I will be opening for some very cool comedians at the DC Improv on May 22nd. If you want to see me doin’ that, you can purchase tickets here. There’ll be another round, and I’ll need people to vote for me and stuff, but let’s ignore that for now and just be happy about this.

I’ll also be participating in the Charm City Comedy Festival on May 11th at 10 PM-ish in good ol’ Baltimore. I’ll be appearing with my pal Luke Wienecke. Check my schedule page for more info. And, heck, check the Schedule page to find out about all manner of gigs coming up— from my last show with Off the Wall to a private charity fundraiser at my church to a show that insists Everything Will Be Okay! And it will. Everything will be okay, guys.

In closing, here’s a track from Animal Chin’s 1999 seminal Minneapolis ska-punk album, 20 Minutes from Right Now. Dig it.

Jan 5

I am doing/have done lots of things!

Hello, reader who has mistakenly stumbled across my website! I have news for you! Specifically, news about me.

Firstly, I’m going to LA! It’s gonna be great. You can catch me at three shows in a place where I will not be freezing constantly:

Punk House, Westside Comedy Theater, 1/8, 10 PM 

Peachy Keen, Bar Lubisch, 1/10, 8PM

An Sho(w), Lot 1 Cafe, 1/13, 8 PM 

These shows are gonna have a lot of cool and probably famous people on them— and also me. I’m as surprised as you are!

Also, I’ll be in the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival again this year. The info can be found here.

And, of course, I’ll be doing lots of shows in DC and Baltimore when I’m not in these other states. You can find a full list on my schedule.

In closing, here’s the theme from the 1970s television show Taxi. It’s beautiful. 

Oct 11

Some Things

Hey, what’s up, people? Here are Some Things. - This is a show I’m doing on 10/17. It’ll be good. - My show at Hard Times Cafe continues to happen, now with 10% more Gary.

Those are all the things for now. This has been Some Things.

Jul 11

Updates on Stuff

Here are some updates on stuff.

I’ve been doing more stuff around the area, and this stuff has really paid off in the form of more stuff. A quick round-up of stuff: I’ll be co-headlining Drink ‘Til We’re Funny in Timonium at Hightopps Backstage Grille on Sunday, July 28th. I’ll be featuring for Marc Unger at Dark Horse Tavern for Color Me Funny on August 21st. I’ll also be appearing at Big Hunt in DC on August 14th.

Also, I’ve started a show with some folks! It runs every other Tuesday at Hard Times Cafe in Arlington. The next one is the 16th. Here’s the poster.


Finally, for your patience, here’s a recent video of me.

- Isaac

Mar 15

I recently had headshots done. They were pretty cool.

Oct 31

Heeeeeyyyy, Peter, what’s haaappening?

I’ll tell you what’s happening, Lumberg! Lots! Let’s go over it in chronological order.

First, on November 10th, I’ll be in the finals of So You Think You’re Funny at the Clarion Inn in College Park. It’ll be at 8:30 PM, and I could win $500. Also, it would prove that I think I’m funny, I think.

Then, I’ll be in Magooby’s Joke House’s New Comedian of the Year competition! Exciting. It’s on November 21st. Details are here:

Finally, I’ll be performing in my FIRST-EVER comedy festival, the North Carolina Comedy Arts fest. Schedules haven’t been announced yet, but when they are, they’ll be here:

Crazy, right? I’m obviously super-duper excited and will be hitting up various open mics to practice for all this exciting stuff. Hope to see you there!

Jul 28

Lots o’ Comedy!

Hey “folks,” I’ve been doing two shows a week this summer, really upping the amount of stage time I’m getting [y’know, for self-improvement]. And it’s paying off— I got first place and $100 in the semi-finals of the So You Think You Are Funny contest, and then placed 1st at Magooby’s New Talent showcase, earning a paid gig at the club. Basically, I’ve been doing comedy for a while now, but not very seriously; it’s time to really increase the amount I do and start getting actual gigs. If you haven’t seen me in a while, I have gotten better! I have. I’ll have a video soon.

Apr 15

Stuff is happening! The comedy group I am in, UMD Off the Wall, had 4 of its members make up the UMD Comedy team and we advanced in the National College Comedy Competition! You can vote for us at, or at least, you could have, because I am not under the illusion anyone will read this until a month after the competition is over. This is my set from then.

Jan 15

Checkin’ In

Did you know I am still, technically, a stand up comedian? Seriously. It says so on my business card. [I do not have a business card.] As if to prove I am still in this comedy game, I did two shows recently— Drink ‘Til We’re Funny in Timonium and Chucklestorm in Baltimore. Both were a lot of fun, and Chucklestorm is one of my favorite shows to do, because the people there are patient and let you “experiment” [read: screw up a little] and I think I’m getting closer to developing an actual persona onstage beyond “guy yelling jokes at you.” 

Anyway, in case you’re interested in seeing me develop this new persona, I’m performing at RFD on the 26th. UMD will have just restarted classes so if you’re on campus, let me know, and we can Metropool. I’m not sure what the deal exactly with RFD is… you may have to be over 21 to get in. Maybe not.

Anyway, here’s a video of me, doing old jokes and not using the persona I claim to be developing.

Sep 20

New Semester, More Comedy?

A new semester is upon us, and with it, comes the opportunity to do more comedy. Well, maybe. I’m not sure. Pretty much every show I’m about to list should be followed by a “well, hopefully…” 

On October 4th, UMD is having a student stand up competition. The prizes seem pretty nebulous, but I’ve heard that there will perhaps be front row seats to the upcoming Aziz Ansari show and maybe even the opportunity to meet him and kiss his ass for 1 minute. This is exciting. I will hopefully be a part of it.

In addition, Off the Wall, the loose stand up collective I’m a part of, is having a show at some point during October. When? Uh, good question. We’ll get back to you on that one.

Not only that, but I’d like to do more local rooms. I hear this Riot Act place is pretty good, but the Open Mics are apparently booked solid for a long time. Other rooms? Well, it depends on whether a good friend or comedian will, uh, “carpool” with me there. However, there will be only one car in the pool, and one driver.

I will see you in the future, doing comedy. Well, hopefully…

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